Pengaruh Motivasi Kerja, Kompensasi Kerja, Dan Kepuasan Kerja Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan Bank di Surabaya



This study was conducted to examine more in depth about motivation, incentive and career development at PT. Retirement Savings Bank in Surabaya. Data analysis technique used is using multiple linear regression. This analysis is used to measure the independent variables to the dependent variable. For data technique with kuisioner spreading. The result of research shows work motivation variable, work compensation variable and simultaneous job satisfaction to employee performance. This is reflected in the F-count of 2.711 significance level of 0.05 This means that the hypothesis that states simultaneously variable work motivation, work and job satisfaction that affect employee performance. Similarly, partially on employee performance. This is substituted for work compensation variable which has t count 2,468 bigger than ttable equal to 1,6682 at 5% significant level so that work have significant influence on employee performance. So with result of research above expected by management of Bank more emphasize aspect of work likes to employees to be more excited again in work. In addition to the aspects of work skills also see the aspect of motivation and job satisfaction from employees. So Loyalty and dedication of employees to be able to work well.

Keywords: Work Motivation, Work Compensation, Job Satisfaction, and Employee Performance


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