Application of Performance Accountability System for Government Agencies in Making Birth Certificates at Dinas Kependudukan Dan Pencatatan Sipil Kabupaten Sidoarjo

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Setiawan Setiawan
Khoirotul Ummah
Riska Riska
Ninda Ninda


The Sidoarjo Regency Population and Civil Registration Service is an agency providing public services in the field of population administration and civil registration. Consisting of 1 (one) flagship program and 3 (three) other supporting programs, covering 30 Minutes of Greetings, Pick up the Ball, ALAMAK and Socialization of Counseling to the community. This service aims to increase ownership of birth certificate documents to the community.

The form of this research method is descriptive qualitative, which is used to provide an overview and observe the ongoing activities during the study. Suggestions from Researchers are the need to increase the number of competent employees so that service innovations that are made can run effectively, the implementation of a performance accountability system of government agencies must be even better especially in carrying out their duties and responsibilities in providing services to the community


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