Pengakuan Sebagai Alat Bukti Dalam Perkara Pengingkaran Keabsahan Anak

Keabsahan Alat Bukti

  • Tutiek Retnowati


This research aims to contribute to development of knowledge and legal practices concerning what must be proved in a denial of the legitimacy of child and the implementation of evidence in denial of admission in the examination of the validity of a child case in the courts of religion through statute approach, conceptual approach, case approach and qualitatively analyzed. The validity of proof in the denial of legitimacy of child case must be able prove the two events that cumulatively the law have committed adultery wife and child who was born wife is a result of the adultery. The power of confession evidence in the case of denial of the legitimacy of child assessed as evidence of freedom, namely the strength of evidence submitted to the judge and may require evidence coupled with other. Keywords: recognition, denial of children, adultery, the strength of evidence


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