Kekuatan Hukum Rekam Medis Dalam Pembuktian Perkara Malpraktek

Keabsahan Pembuktian Rekam Medis

  • Widyawati Boediningsih


Medical record is a file who contains the patient’s identity and what medical act has been done by the medical expert for the patient, therefore it can be difinite that datas include on the medical record is absolutely the patien’s property. Related with that property and to warrant the patient’s rights of their medical records, government issued several regulations about medical record. Related of the function as the evidence, therefore medical record has two functions, there are as an expert statement evidence and mail evidence on the medical malpractice case, and having free proofing value. This rights is not absolute, in the meaning that with the patient’s authority, medical record will able to discover for the important things including for the court importance. Key words : medical record, proofment, medical malpractice


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