Focus and Scope

IJEEIT publishes original research from all areas of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment; Energy of a building and improving indoor environment quality; information and systems, applied electromagnetics, communications, signal and image processing, tomographic image reconstruction, face recognition, biometrics, speech processing, video processing and analysis, object recognition, classification, feature extraction, parallel and distributed computing, cognitive systems, interaction, robotics, digital libraries and content, personalized healthcare, ICT for mobility, sensors, and artificial intelligence; 

Big data techniques and methodologies, data-driven information systems, and knowledge acquisition;

Cognitive interaction and intelligent human interfaces;

Recommender systems and E-service personalization;

Intelligent decision support systems, prediction systems and warning systems; Computational and artificial intelligence based systems and uncertain information processes;

Swarm intelligence and evolutionary computing; Knowledge engineering, machine learning-based systems and web semantics; 

Information management theory and practice; 

Information system development and usage in their use of managerial policies, strategies, and activities for business, public administration, and international organizations; 

Economic models for information systems Data mining, data warehousing, Business information systems (BIS), information logistics Geo-BIS, BIS Mobile e-business, web services for e-business, e-commerce Legal information systems, Business intelligence Knowledge management, Decision support systems, Strategic information systems, Artificial intelligence, expert systems, multimedia, Accounting information systems, Balanced scorecard, performance measures/metrics IT/IS evaluation, internet standards/protocols/communications ERP and supply chains, CRM; 

cybernetics, systems engineering, lean systems, system dynamics, soft systems thinking and critical systems thinking; 

information systems in organizations, institutions, the economy, and society